Ice Princess

Ice Princess

Ice Princess is a fantastic puzzle game in which you must save a princess

Ice Princess is a fantastic puzzle game in which you must help a prince save the princess from the evil hands of the magician. The game is comprised of a series of puzzles in which you take the ice cube (which contains the prince inside) to the other extreme marked in green. To move the cube you just use the arrow keys, so that´s really simple. The cube can be moved in any direction, but it must be in a standing position when it reaches the green mark. Also, you only are allowed to perform a certain number of moves per level, and you also have a certain amount of time. Moreover, you cannot exit the ice platform or you will have to start over again. This means that for every level, you will have to elaborate a strategy that involves the least number of moves to earn more points. The game includes a great variety of scenery and mazes to enjoy. There is also a series of power-ups or bonuses that help you collect powers to pass the levels in an easier way. There are also things that you can collect on your way to the goal that help you earn more points.
The game includes two modes, adventure and relaxed, but the only difference is that one is timed and you are told the story behind the game, and the other not. There are also three levels of difficulty to choose from, but I suggest you start with the easiest one, since the game is pretty challenging.
Graphics are really cute and attractive. Sound effects and music are also very suitable for the game.
All in all, Ice Princess is an original and challenging puzzle game that will surely satisfy the most demanding players.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Cute graphics
  • Nice theme
  • Original gameplay
  • Two modes and three levels of difficulty
  • Great variety of tricks to complete the levels


  • No significant difference between the two modes
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